DON’T make these mistakes in your email marketing strategy (Part 2)

Last week we talked about 4 of the 8 mistakes that you should avoid making when email marketing so that you don’t sabotage your email campaigns or the results you get from them. Today we’ll give you the other 4 mistakes. Take note! 5. Using illegal databases It is essential that you obtain explicit consent from users in order[…]

DON’T make these mistakes in your email marketing strategy (Part 1)

We’ve often given you advice on how to improve outcomes from your email marketing strategy, how to make your campaigns more attractive and effective, as well as how to use a sophisticated, up-to-date email strategy. In this case, we’ll focus on eight mistakes that many businesses still make that can hinder their campaign outcomes and the benefits[…]

4 ways to deal with Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection in email

On June 9, at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), Apple announced a preview of the new privacy features that will allow users to better control their data and have more choice over who they share it with.  The Mail Privacy Protection that directly affects the Mail App has caused a stir among e-marketers, and not necessarily in a good way. When[…]

What is Contextual Email Marketing?

In this post, we are going to introduce the concept of contextual email marketing and illustrate it with some examples. When we talk about contextual email marketing, we are referring to email marketing that, in real time, that adapts the content of the email to the context of the user and/or brand at a given moment. Without going to[…]

What elements can you test in your email marketing?

We’ve already talked before about the importance of testing your emails to achieve the best results when it comes to open and click rates. Today, we’re going to see which elements you can test and we’ll give you 13 ideas for A/B tests to implement in your Email Marketing campaigns. Before launching into the subject and to put things[…]

Email Marketing Trends for 2022: Experts speak up

Just like every year, Digital Response would like to reflect on the key aspects that will dominate email marketing in 2022. This time, we do so by calling on renowned professionals who wanted to share their views.

An introduction to Marketing Automation Platforms: advantages and features

We want this introduction to Marketing Automation platforms to answer two main questions. The first one is related to the advantages these platforms bring marketing departments, and the second one is about the specific features we can come across while using these technologies.  Advantages of Marketing Automation platforms Marketing departments, especially in B2B businesses, are[…]