An introduction to Marketing Automation Platforms: advantages and features

We want this introduction to Marketing Automation platforms to answer two main questions. The first one is related to the advantages these platforms bring marketing departments, and the second one is about the specific features we can come across while using these technologies.  Advantages of Marketing Automation platforms Marketing departments, especially in B2B businesses, are[…]

How to get the Adobe Campaign Classic Business Practitioner Certification

In Digital Response, we have experts certified in some of the industry’s most important email marketing platforms. In fact, Alejandra, Gabriela, and Fran have already, in previous posts, talked about their experiences obtaining Salesforce, Oracle Eloqua, and Oracle Responsys certifications.  In my case, I will explain how I got the Adobe Campaign Classic Business Practitioner[…]

personalizacion email marketing

4 criteria for Email personalization

Personalization has become a MUST in the email marketing field. It lets us offer each customer exactly what they want, better catering to their needs, which results in increased campaign efficiency.  Today we will talk about four criteria we can follow to personalize our emails. Take notes! 1 – Personalization based on declarative data Before[…]

How to build a solid Email Marketing team

Surrounding yourself with a good team of professionals is always essential to carry out any company strategy.  In the Email Marketing field, it is sometimes complicated to have more than one or two different profiles managing it, and difficult to reach the previously-set goals due to a lack of resources and time. There is, however,[…]

What is the future of ESPs in the face of the emergence of Customer Data Platforms (CDP)

Throughout the history of Email Service Providers (ESP), there have been two big inflection points that supposed a significant advance of their functionalities.  The first one came at the hands of personalization, segmentation, and the ability to work with dynamic content. These advances allowed marketing professionals to adapt content and offers to different audiences, which led[…]

Email Marketing Trends for 2021: Experts speak up

As we do every year in Digital Response, we want to reflect on the key elements that will lead the Email Marketing field this coming year. However, this time, we do it alongside prominent professionals who also want to share their point of view with you. 

Dark Mode’s impact on Email Marketing

In the last few months, we have seen the arrival of a new way to visualize our digital workspaces: Dark Mode. And it is here to stay. Since Apple started using it last year, many devices and apps have already begun adapting to this new form of content display, creating confusion in the email marketing[…]

Retina display: Email problems and solutions

In addition to all the different screen sizes available, electronic devices’ constant evolution presents another challenge for email marketing specialists: DPI high-resolution screens, also known as Retina display. These have the power to improve the experience given by an email marketing campaign, but also of doing just the contrary; if we do not know how to properly[…]

How to get the Oracle Responsys B2C Master accreditation

Not long ago, my colleagues, Alejandra and Gabriela, talked about their experiences preparing and getting their Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consultant and Oracle Eloqua B2B Master and B2B Luminary certifications. In this instance, I will explain how I attained the Oracle Responsys B2C Master accreditation and how the process works.  First of all, for those who don’t know or aren’t familiar with[…]

Interactive Emails. trend VS efficiency

There is an increasing demand from customers to add new trends to their emails. One of the things they ask us more for is adding interactivity to the emails. While just 5 years ago, everyone assumed that emails, on a technical level, were something from the 90s and there was little to do there from[…]