Five adaptions of Email Marketing to Apple Mail Privacy Protection

Apple has just launched a new version of its operating system for mobile, tablet and desktop devices. One new feature gives users the option of accepting a stricter privacy policy.

With regard to e-mails, the new privacy policy will mean that images hosted on remote servers will be downloaded to a secure Apple server as soon as the e-mail is received in the e-mail application. Even if a user does not open the e-mail, merely receiving the e-mail will result in the images being downloaded. This change will be key because it will affect e-mail Open metrics.

In this ebook we will see what we must take into account form now on.

Key Points

ico_tickHow can the number of email opens be measured?
ico_tickHow many emails will be afected?
ico_tickFive adaptions of email marketing to Apple Mail Privacy Protection (AMPP):
  • 1. Metrics
  • 2. Segmentation based on user activity/inactivity
  • 3. Subject line A/B test
  • 4. Automatic programmes based on the Open
  • 5. Use of countdowns