How to manage international Email Marketing Campaigns in the fashion industry

In the case of email marketing, the complexity of managing campaigns across different markets (whether countries or geographical areas) is compounded by production and revision times which, especially in the fashion sector, tend to be very short. Here we are going to present some ideas about how to achieve optimal management of an international email marketing[…]

Benchmark report 2020: Email Marketing of the Spanish Beauty Industry

This Benchmark is the result of an analysis of email marketing communications from the main companies in the Spanish Beauty Industry. Shipments have been analyzed from the user opt-in and those received over the next 30 days. Key Points Registration ProcessCommunicationsSender IdentificationSubjectsPersonalizationAutomated programsAnd more items

Study on the use and perception of Email Marketing in Spain in 2020

As an agency specialized in Email Marketing and Marketing Automation, every year we elaborate a study named “Study on the use and perception of Email Marketing in Spain” in which, through a survey provided to different companies, we examine the use given to Email Marketing and the results obtained. This data ends up giving us a detailed picture[…]